Why is Alkalinity Important?

To understand why alkalinity is important you have to know a simple truth about the human body. It is a chemistry lab. And in this chemistry lab, it is essential to maintain an alkaline ph.

What is alkalinity?

First now there are three types of chemistry. There are acids, there are alkalis and there is something called neutral. To be alkaline the ph must be greater than 7. To be acidic the ph is less than 7. And to be neutral the ph must be 14.

Human blood must be between 7.35 - 7.45  (1) (an alkalizing ph) to function properly. A slight deviation or to be in the more acidic state of this range, can cause the body to malfunction in countless ways, involving enzymatic activity, immunity functions, and glucose metabolism. A person with acidic blood leads to death or coma.(2)

It is essential to your health that you remain alkaline. To give you an example of how essential this is, let’s discuss cancer. According to Dr. Otto Warburg (3), who was awarded a noble prize for his work, a cancer cell will flourish in a ph of 7.365 or lower. This is because your state of alkalinity, or lack of, determines how much oxygen there is. Unlike healthy cells, cancer cells thrive in low oxygen. An alkaline environment means more oxygen and acidic environment means less oxygen. A shift from a 6.67 to a 6.68 ph decreases oxygen levels 10 fold.

So in essence. You need to be alkaline and you need oxygen. These are essential traits for a healthy body and healthy environment.

Disease arises from acidosis or an acidic state (a blood ph below 7.35.)

How do I get alkalized?

There are many ways to remain alkalized. What you eat is a critical factor in removing acidosis and establishing an alkalized state. Eat alkalized foods and refrain from acidic foods. Here are a list of each.

Acidic Foods

Ø  All Cooked Foods (even cooked fruits and vegetables)

Ø  All Animal Products (Meat, Cheeses, Eggs etc)

Ø  All Grains

Ø  All neuro toxins and drugs (Alcohol, Caffeine, Prescription Meds)

Ø  Most Unsprouted Nuts, Seeds & Oils

Alkalized Foods

Ø  All Raw Fresh Ripe Fruits

Ø  All Raw Dark Green Leaf Veggies

Ø  Uncooked Root & Tuber Veggies

Ø  Uncooked Fruit Veggies

Ø  Sprouts (Nuts, Seeds, Grains & Legumes)

Ø  Alkalized Water


One last note on the importance of Alkalinity:

The human body consist of about 100 trillion cells. That is essentially what the human body is, a cluster of cells. Know that these cells need oxygen and to be clean to function properly and to deliver optimal health. An alkaline environment is essential to oxygen and the hygiene of these cells. Clean and oxygenate your cells, and discover just how amazing your body can perform, heal, and feel.


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