The #1 Reason Why A Raw Food Diet Heals

OK...get are about to unveil one of the best kept secrets of your life, literally, of your life. You're about to find out how to have exceptional, optimal, insanely wonderful health. And here is the kicker. The answers are SIMPLE.   

You don't even need to have a doctorate degree to figure it out.

The only basic understanding you need to know is that essentially your body is just a bunch of cells. Everything in your body is made up of cells. Every organ, every fluid, every bone, EVERYTHING! Cells are the basic core of what you are physically. So how do you achieve ultimate health?

Answer: Have healthy cells.

But how do we do this?

Before we reveal the answer, here is a little comment on "Root Cause" healing:

First know that when you speak of addressing your health at the cellular level you are talking root cause. This approach to health is not about symptom chasing. It is not about covering up the way your body is reacting to toxicity.

For example, a headache is treated with an aspirin, fatigue with caffeine, inflammation with an anti-inflammatory drug, cancer with cutting off a body part, diabetes with intake of synthetic insulin...etc. These are all ways to deal with symptoms to toxicity. When you cover them up with a drug or procedure, it is without regard to the root cause of why they were there in the first place.

Look at the cells. They unlock the key to "WHY" you have a symptom or health condition. The "Why" is what is important, not the "What". The "What" is the symptom.  Stop covering up symptoms and start healing the root issue. Start healing the Cells!

Here are 5 ways Raw Food Diet Heals

1) Oxygenate Your Cells

A healthy cell is a breathing cell. Oxygen is essential to all functions of the cell. You need it for cellular respiration. You need oxygen for the cells to produce energy You need oxygen for a clean cell environment.Here are some interesting facts:

It is a known fact that cancer can't live in an oxygenated environment. It's a known fact that cancer cells flourish in acid. Oxygenate your cells and you get rid of acid. It's that simple.

What is the best food in the world for oxygen? The answer is "Raw Food." You want to experience ultimate oxygenation, than eat raw. Oh! one last thing, when you oxygenate cells you not only avoid aging, you can actually reverse it. Look Amazing! Have gorgeous skin, hair, nails...Oxygenate your Cells! Have you ever met a person on Raw?  Your first reaction will be, Wow! They look great!

2) Stop Toxicity

Eat nutrition that is clean and you will stop toxicity. Eat nutrition that is either acidic or full of toxicity and you are damaging your cells.  Most common standard foods are acidic and rich in toxicity. Know what these foods are, before you put them in your mouth. Know what toxins are in these foods. If you know the toxins in your food, you will know why you have a symptom or health condition. Stop the toxicity and watch the body start to repair and heal. On the other hand, know that almost all raw foods are alkalizing and rich in toxic-removers. Know what these foods ar. Eat raw foods and stop the onslaught of toxicity in your body. These rich anti-oxidant raw foods not only clean up the toxic mess but repair the body too.

Your body is forgiving: It's amazing how well the body can repair itself from prior toxicity.  Stop feeding it toxins, start feeding it raw, and watch an incredible machine perform magic. That machine is your body on Raw Food!

3) Alkalize Your Cells

Ok, apologies. We are about to discuss chemistry. But we will keep it simple. In chemistry there is something called a  Ph scale. There are two types of Ph; acid or alkalinity. Acid sits on one end, while alkalinity sits on the far other end of the scale. That's it. You survived a chemistry lesson. Whew! That was close.Now for the point:A human body must remain alkalize to function optimally. The human body is an alkalized machine. When you feed it acid you are going against the core of its chemistry Ph. All cooked foods are acidic. Eat raw and alkalize the cells. When you eat acid, your body reacts by leaching alkalizing minerals from the body. It will steal your calcium and magnesium to balance your Ph. If you are experiencing poor bone health, brain function, digestion issues, nerve issues, inflammation, cognitive or psychosis issues or countless other health symptoms, its most likely because you are leaching calcium and magnesium, or any other alkalizing mineral, to combat acid. "Raw foods" are the most alkalizing foods on the planet. Alkalize the cells and start to feel amazing health.  

4) Feed Your Cells

Cells like to eat, just like us. What they eat, they use to produce energy. When they make energy, you reap the benefits. Ultimately you feel energized. You feel full of life and vitality. Know the foods that make the best "cell food" and you will experience amazing energy.  Whats the best cell food?  Hint..the answer is "Raw Food." More on that in another one of our articles.

5) Align Your Body with Nature

No doubt...just accept it. Your body is a product of nature. Apologies, to all those out there that were hoping they were cyborgs.  Your body is 100% au natural. When you eat unnatural foods, you are going against your natural state, literally. Processed foods, cooked foods, and man-made chemicals or preservatives are not natural. What is the most natural food in the world?  You guessed it! "Raw Food!" Wow! You guys are getting good at this!

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