Frequently Asked Questions:


1)  How much is the Raw Oasis Membership Program?

$500  Click here to Sign Up

 2) What is included in The Raw Oasis membership program?

     Though the program comes with many benefits, the main features are the following:

·      Guidance and Detailed Instructions

·      Unlimited Coaching from Certified Raw Health Cleanse Specialists

·      8 Course Raw Health Webinar series

·      Instructional Video and Document Libraries

·      Stomach and Bowel Cleanser

·      Access to “The Oasis” Social Network

·      Continuous Motivational Communication and Support

·       A Life Changing Health Transformation

3) What types of benefits should I expect?

Health benefits are unique to each person and can transpire up to the last day of the cleanse. There are many. Click Here for a list.

The most common are:

·      Decrease in Weight

·      Increased Energy

·      Body changes

 4) What do I eat on the Pre-Cleanse?

The Pre-Cleanse consist of raw and cooked plant based foods. The raw portion of you day consist of a fruits and vegetables eaten within certain amounts, types, and   quantities,which can alter depending on your health goals. The cooked portion of the Pre-Cleanse consist of specific plant based foods along with specific types and amounts of plant based fats.

5) What do I eat on the 21 Day Raw Whole Body Cleanse?

The 21 Day Raw Whole Body Cleanse consist of 100% raw foods. It is specific to the types, manner, amounts, and quality in which you eat these foods. The protocol can alter depending on your health goals. The foods follow a percentage ratio between carbs, fats, and proteins.

6) Why do I have to Pre-Cleanse before I start my 21 Day Raw Whole Body Cleanse?

The 21 Day Raw Whole Body Cleanse provides a deep tissue cleanse that requires active performance from your elimination organs, such as kidneys, bowels, liver, and lymphatic systems. The Pre-Cleanse allows these elimination organs to strengthen. With stronger elimination organs, your transition on the 21 Day Raw Whole Body Cleanse is smoother. There will balanced toxin elimination symptoms with a progressive elevation of health changes and a feeling of well being. Whereas, without the Pre-Cleanse, the transition can be rough with increased duration of uncomfortable toxin elimination symptoms. The Pre-Cleanse is one of our most unique and powerful aspects to this program.

7)   How long should I be on the Pre-Cleanse?

Anywhere between 10 days to 1 month before you start your 21 Day Raw Whole Body Cleanse. The longer you are on the Pre-Cleanse, the better the transition and results, especially from your 21 Day 100% Raw Whole Body Cleanse .

8) Can I contact a Raw specialist as often as I like?

Yes. You can call, text, email or using the “Ask a Specialist” function in your member’s portal, you can receive support as much and as often as you like at no additional charge. 

 9) What types of toxin removal symptoms should I expect?

Everyone is different. Some feel no symptoms while others experience two or three. The important thing to remember is that it is all temporary. Eventually all symptoms subside and you are left with an elevated sense of health. Click Here for a list of toxin removal symptoms that may or may not occur.

 10) Does the program come with the food too?

No. The foods on this program are not prepackaged products. Your produce department will become your pharmacy. We will provide clear instructions on to what to buy and where to get it.

11)  If I am traveling or going on vacation should I be on this program?

We recommend that if this is your first time performing a raw whole body cleanse that you don’t travel. This should be a time to prioritize your health without the distractions involved in travel and restaurant eating. Once you become more experienced in raw cleansing, than travel while eating raw nutrition will be easier.

 12) What topics are discussed during the Webinars?

 Click Here to see the schedule and agenda for our 8 webinar class series.