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1 hour Phone or Skype Consultation: $85

You can sign up here for an exciting consultation session. This session is designed to help those with specific questions and to provide exceptional guidance on using your body's powerful design and the most natural, cleanest and purest of nutrition involved in this specialized Raw Detox. All sessions are conducted with Certified Raw Detoxification Specialist and Coaches.

NOTE: The purpose of this consultation is to address specific personalized questions. A full Raw Detox protocol or instructions will not be provided. 

Here are a few items you should know:

>We are NOT doctors or medical facilitators.

>We do not treat disease or health issues with drugs, surgery, or radiation.

>Though you may have symptoms, we don't consult on how to cover up your symptoms with drugs, supplements, or surgeries. This is not TRUE HEALTH. It is an illusion of health. This is NOT what we are about.

>We focus on the root cause of your symptom and approach the solution with the intention of removing the cause.

> After root cause has been removed, we than leverage the human body's natural immune functions, elimination organs, and the purest and most natural foods on earth to restore health.

Never underestimate your body's own inherent ability. The body demonstrates extraordinary power when it aligns its self with nature and avoids toxicity.

Our approach is powerful and effective. For over a decade, we have watched the power of nature and the human body overcome health conditions from the mildest to the most severe. Our members achieve EXCEPTIONAL LEVELS OF TRUE HEALTH.

We provide the guidance and support needed to be successful.

Within 24 hours upon registering for your 1 hour consultation, you will receive a email or if preferred text of your phone consultation appointment.

3 Times & Dates must be specified when registering.

Though we try are best to accommodate your preferred time, there is no guarantee that they are available. If you receive an appointment time that does not work with your schedule, another time can be arranged.

We look forward to answering all your questions and helping you achieve your health goals.