Here this week's exciting challenge for members of the Coaching Club. It will consist of how many times you overcome a craving in a week. Compete with your fellow members on how often you have the mental strength and power to overcome the most challenging aspect of any dietary lifestyle change aka. addiction to toxic foods. This is a great way to treat the cleanse as a game and have fun. With each craving crushed you win a point. Have fun crushing it!!!

How to Play:

1)With honesty and integrity tally how many times a day you overcome a craving

2)Text Isabelle at 561-306-1017 what your tally is every evening before you go to bed.

3)After, 7 days, the player who crushes it the most wins.

How To Crush It:

4 Steps to Crush a Craving

Step 1: Breathe

Step 2: Meditate on Relaxation

Step 3: Have Fun

Step 4: Repeat

To Join In:

Text Isabelle at 561-306-1017 the words "I want to play" and your full name by Monday 5pm March 13th 2017.


We will display tallies everyday at 5pm EST. Next to each players name will be the number of times they CRUSHED IT everyday.

Click Here for tallies.

Challenge will be from Monday 3/13/2017 until midnight Sunday 3/19/2017.