The Program Includes All Three!


The right mentoring and instructional support is key to success on your cleanse journey.  We offer exceptional virtual Webinar Classes. 

As part of your "Online" program, you receive 8 webinar classes along with unlimited access to your video and document libraries

Gain insight into how to conduct the most powerful transformation your body has ever experienced. Be prepared for highly entertaining and insightful classes and videos.

8 Instructional Class Series



The "Online Program" consist of 8 classes in total. In addition a video class on how to kick start your cleanse is provided after sign up in your introductory email. The last class in the series takes place on the final day of your cleanse. Classes are sent via email using a link during your 21 Day Raw Cleanse period.  

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                                                         Video and Document Libraries

All members, regardless of membership plan, have unlimited access to both video and document libraries. These libraries come with such content as "How to Conduct the Pre-Cleanse for Optimal Results" and "The Raw Recipe Series". These videos are either Raw Oasis exclusive or references to online videos that are popular and aligned with the cleanse program.

Listed below are the Video Library Categories:

How to Cleanse: Videos and documents that provide detailed instructions on how to perform your cleanse to achieve optimal results.

Recipes: Videos and handouts on delicious recipes for both the Pre-Cleanse and 21 Day 100% Raw Cleanse phases.

Willpower Science and Social Strategies : Yes, we know that when it comes to any change in diet and lifestyle, that willpower is key. We provide effective willpower strategies throughout your cleanse experience. These strategies are all scientifically proven to be the ultimate best in order to conduct your cleanse with empowerment and commitment. In addition, we train you on the effective techniques to handle any social/ food scenario so that you can still maintain a social life as you cleanse.