The Program Includes All Three!


The Raw Oasis is a private club where members have the ability to collaborate with fellow members as well as unlimited access to Certified Raw Health Cleanse Specialists and Coaches.  In addition, members have access to a unique “Membership Portal” that allows for easy navigation to all your services and support.

Membership Portal

As a Raw Oasis member, you receive access to an easy to navigate membership portal. This portal lays out all the tools, support, and libraries you will need to achieve your cleanse in one simple to use location. The Portal includes:

  • Video & Document library _ Two complete libraries providing all the instructional, educational and  motivational references you need.

  • “The Oasis” Group Forum _ An online social network that allows members to share experiences, success stories and ask questions.

  • Online Store _ A convenient central station that offers all the accessories and tools that support your cleanse. The items listed on our customized Amazon store page are based on tried, tested, and highly recommended items. We take the worry of having to search online for the right item. Our cleanser store offers deep discounts on popular cleansers for those that wish to take the cleanse to greater levels. These blends are formulated by the highly acclaimed Dr. Robert Morse.


Private Social Network

Fellow Members have access to an exclusive online social forum call “The Oasis.” At "The Oasis" members ask questions, share stories, and inspire others with their success. It is an outlet to communicate with others across the globe who are experiencing similar health transformations on the cleanse program. This is an excellent source for motivation, inspiration and support.


  • Ask a Specialist _This allows access to a certified raw health cleanse specialist or coach.  Ask your questions and your message will be answered within 1 business day or less. No extra fees or cost. We pride ourselves in providing THE BEST support you need to succeed.

Unlimited Access to Certified Coaches on the Warrior Program

Members on the Warrior program (Click here to see the various programs offered) have unlimited access to certified raw health cleanse specialists and coaches via text.  On this program, you can directly text your coach any personalized question you wish. These helpful staff members ensure that you have the support, guidance and motivation to achieve optimal results on your cleanse. Upon sign up, you will have an appointment for a 1 hour phone consultation with your specialist. At this time you will go over the cleansing process and ask questions to kick start you into the most powerful health transformation of a life time.  On the Warrior program you will also receive a 1 hour  "100% Raw Cleanse Begins" and  a "End of Detox" personalized coaching session.