The Raw Oasis Whole Body Cleanse Program is based on 100% whole, pure, plant based, raw, alkaline nutrition. It consist of 2 phases; a Pre-Cleanse followed by a 21 Day Raw Cleanse.

Phase 1


The transitional Pre-Cleanse phase is conducted up to a month or more but no less than 10 days before the actual cleanse. This is a highly important step.  It is an essential step towards preparing for the deep tissue cleanse involved in the 21 Day Raw Whole Body Cleanse. The Pre-Cleanse strengthens elimination organs as well as begins the toxin elimination process. The Pre-Cleanse allows for a smooth transition into the 21 Day Raw Whole Body Cleanse with less drastic toxin elimination symptoms. It delivers many health benefits.

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The Pre-Cleanse consists of primarily raw nutrition as well as cooked foods. Pre-Cleanse foods are completely plant based and incorporate specific types of fats and spices. On the Pre-Cleanse you may deviate for evenings out or social events, but the protocol should be a steady and consistent way of eating for the majority of the time before your 21 Day Raw Whole Body Cleanse. This ensures optimal results and an efficient elimination of toxins.


Phase 2

21 Day Raw Whole Body Cleanse:

This phase consists of a 21 day period of the most powerful and best raw whole body cleanse you can experience. The body engages in intensified activities of deep cleansing, cellular rejuvenation and optimal performance. This phase provides the notable health transformations and the highest degree of elevated body functionality.

The nutrition is specific and  consists of pure alkaline dense whole foods (Click here to see why alkalinity is important.) It is low fat and 100% raw. There is not a single addictive or harmful substance in the program. It is completely whole and natural. The program is specific as to the form, amounts, types, and methods in which you will eat these foods. Also in this program, we incorporate many other essential aspects relating to the amount and type of water to drink, how to intake food for optimal absorption, and  other various critical aspects. This program is designed to allow the body to deliver the most profound health transformations you have yet to experience. It is a life changer.

5 Things You Should Know About The Cleanse

          1. No caloric restriction. You can and should eat as much as you want.

2. Though the Pre-Cleanse consists of cooked foods, there are no cooked foods on the 21 Day Raw Cleanse.

3. Though not completely necessary, access to a high speed blender is convenient.

4. There is no juicing involved. Foods are eaten in their whole natural form. There is minimal work involved in food preparation.

5. A popular stomach and bowel cleanser comes with membership. It cleanses the colon and supports optimal digestive function. Your Specialist will discuss the right formula for you.