* Descriptions of each feature below.


Pre-Cleanse and 21 Day Raw Cleanse Protocols:  Complete instructions on performing a two phase cleansing program consisting of a Pre-cleanse and 21 Day Raw Cleanse. These protocols are designed to deliver maximum results in the shortest amount of time using specific raw foods.  Click here for more on the cleanse.

8 Class Course Series on Raw Cleansing:  8 Webinar classes that will not only provide the key principals and techniques to perform this informational cleanse, but also includes other eye opening and entertaining information. Classes cover a range for topics, including how to conduct the Pre-cleanse, the 21 Day Cleanse, tools and tips, recipes as well as the psychology and science behind a whole body cleanse. Click here for more on the course.

1 hour “Kick Start” Phone Consultation: A one-on-one personalized "Kick Start" consultation with your Certified Raw Health Cleanse Coach. This is an important part of your cleanse. In this one hour consultation we will cover aspects such as how to perform your Pre-cleanse, tips and tricks to have the easiest and effective cleanse, and most importantly ways to customize the cleanse program to target your desired health improvements and results.

Deep Tissue Stomach and Colon Herbal Cleanser:  Get the cleanest most highly functioning stomach and colon for your health ever! This is our most popular Dr. Morse blend and rightfully so. It works wonders on the cleanse and on creating a super strong healthy colon. It will be shipped to you right after your initial coaching session.

21 Days of “Motivational Willpower Boosters”: We provide the most effective, scientifically proven, methods to elevate your willpower and mental prowess essential for a successful cleanse. For 21 days on your 100% raw cleanse, you'll receive text messaging providing insightful video links, quotes, and instructions on how to maintain impenetrable willpower and motivation.

Unlimited Access to “The Oasis” Social Network: As a Raw Oasis member, you are invited to interact with other members, both current and past, on our private social network called "The Oasis." Membership to this private social network is eternal even after plan membership expires. "The Oasis" is a perfect resource to share stories of success, receive inspiration and to get questions answered. Click here for more on the club membership.

Herbal Store Club Member Discounts: As a Raw Oasis member you receive 10% off all herbs from The Raw Oasis herbal store. Once you become a member, this is a "Lifetime" discount benefit and will never expire. We provide you the membership discount code to be used on any herbal product as often as desired. A great benefit to have, considering that 98% of our members continue to conduct this cleanse as a standard part of their on going healthy life style.

Unlimited access to Video and Document Libraries: Video and document libraries are beaming with Raw Oasis specific and referred online videos on recipes, how to, inspirational and insightful techniques and tactics on how to achieve optimal results on your cleanse. You will have unlimited access to this resourceful library, throughout your cleanse program.

1 hour “100% Raw Cleanse Begins” Phone Consultation: An exciting 1 hour conversation on how to effectively transition from your Pre-Cleanse stage to your 100% Raw 21 Day Cleanse. Learn all the tips and tricks for a smooth start as well as how to maintain your 100% Raw cleanse with ease and stability. You will be surprised how well your body responds and the life changing transformation that is about to begin. Get ready to learn more about what your body is capable of doing than you ever thought possible. FOR WARRIOR PLAN ONLY.

Unlimited Text and Email Certified Coaching Support * :  Certified Raw Health Cleanse Specialist and Coaches are here to serve you as often and as much as you need to succeed. Membership come with "UNLIMITED COACHING" access*. Meaning you get to access via text or email from your coaches as many times and as often as need from the 1st day of your Pre-cleanse until the last day of your 21 day raw cleanse. Response is immediate after your submission. FOR WARRIOR PLAN ONLY. (Please read note at the bottom of this web page concerning unlimited coaching.)

1 hour “After the Cleanse/ End of Detox” Phone Consultation: So you did it! You accomplish one of the most profound health transformations of your life. Now what? We will provide you with the most valuable and solid details on how to transition off your cleanse safely and effectively, what to eat that will help you maintain all the improvements you've accomplished, plus show you how to take this cleanse and make it into a lifestyle, if that is what you choose. This is a personalized one on one session that will provide life changing benefits. FOR WARRIOR PLAN ONLY.


*As part of the WARRIOR PLAN membership, you have unlimited "CERTIFIED COACH" access during the entire duration of your detox membership (from 1st day on Pre-cleanse until last day of your 21 Day Detox.) You may email your coach at or text them at the number that your coach will provide you. It is not guaranteed that you will receive a response from the same coach or raw cleanse specialist every time. Business hours are from 9 am – 7:30 pm 7 days a week. Though emails are answered as immediate as possible, there is a chance that your raw cleanse specialist or coach may not be able to get to your question at the moment you send the email.  If this occurs, no worries, your raw cleanse specialist or coach WILL get back within 24 hour period or less, unless otherwise stated by your coach. Questions that come in will be served per rotational basis to ensure that everyone is served with equal rotations.  Another helpful note is that text response is usually faster than email response.