What is The Raw Oasis?


The Raw Oasis is an online health cleanse program specializing in a ultra powerful 21 day 100% raw health cleanse program preceded by a pre-cleanse.  

The program consists of  personalized health coaching and 8 classes on a life changing health experience resulting in the healthiest version of yourself.

The results are unprecedented. Health and body improvements come quick. Experience a celebrity-style cleanse without the cost and absolutely no caloric restriction. The health impact is profound. Reach your ideal state of well being through plant based nutrition. Elevate your appearance with glowing skin and a lean body. Come to know the immense power behind the collaboration between your body’s own inherent abilities and nature’s purest nutrition. Be prepared for a life changer.


We are so confident that you will see remarkable results we guarantee it or your money back. CLICK HERE FOR OUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE POLICY

We are so confident that you will see remarkable results we guarantee it or your money back.  CLICK HERE FOR OUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE POLICY




Can't believe it??? Never underestimate the human body to heal with the extraordinary power of a Raw Detox. Hear it from those who have done it. Listen to testimonials of those that have elevated their health beyond expectation through raw cleansing. 

The Cleanse:

Unlike anything you have ever experienced, the cleanse will result in a level of health quickly and powerfully. It consist of a preparatory "Pre-cleanse" followed by a 21 day health cleanse. The program will provide the protocol instructions and certified coaching needed to conduct the cleanse from start to finish. Also you have access to supporting cleansers. Learn more...

The Course:

Learn how to achieve optimal results cleansing your body through an 8 course webinar series. In addition, receive access to our video library covering interesting topics such as how to reach your ideal state of health, how to achieve an outstanding colon cleanse, and the amazing effect a raw food diet has on your overall ability to eliminate toxins, repair, and rejuvenate, along with countless other valuable insights into health.  Learn More...


The Club:

Raw Oasis members receive exclusive benefits consisting of services essential for a successful cleanse. Benefits include access to certified Raw Health Cleanse specialists and coaches, who are ready to answer any question on how to achieve optimal results. These coaches will hold personalized one on one sessions with you via Skype or phone. The Warrior package comes with 3 coaching sessions, while the Rejuvenator package comes with 1 session. Click here to see packages and pricing.  In addition, you receive access to a private social network, where members from around the world collaborate and share success stories and experiences.  Learn More...