Win a $250 Amazon Gift Card

3 Steps to Win



1) Sign Up for a Raw Oasis Cleanse Program or be a Raw Oasis Alumni.



2) Post pictures on Instagram of your day to day activities and body transformation (instructions below.)




3) The Winner whose pictures has the most likes wins a $250 Gift Card to

Instagram Instructions:  

1) Obtain an Instagram account. Download the App on your phone or device. 

2) Post pictures of your "day in the life on the cleanse" (ex. what you ate, how you feel, how you grocery shop) and "health and body transformations" (ex. weight loss, glowing skin, high energy, loss of inflammation)  

3) After writing a caption explaining your picture, write the hashtags #rawoasis2016 and @therawoasis. (This step must be performed in order for pictures to qualify)

Challenge Rules and Regulations:

1) The participants must either currently be on a Raw Oasis program or an alumni of the Raw Oasis to qualify.

2) Pictures must be related to cleansing to qualify. Judges will determine if pictures qualify or not. They MUST relate to your experience on the cleanse.

3) Hashtags #rawoasis2016 and @therawoasis MUST be used under the caption of each Instagram picture.

4) You have from now until April 24, 2016 to post your pictures on Instagram. 

5) The winner is determined based on how many likes they received in total from all qualifying pictures they posted on Instagram with the appropriate hashtags (see point #3 above.) The winner with the most likes in total will receive a $250 gift card to be used on

6) Winner will be announced and a $250 gift card will be sent via email to the winner on May 1, 2016.

7) In the event of a tie, were two or more participants have equal amounts of "likes" a Raw Oasis judge will determine the final winner.