The 5 to 1 Challenge


Here this week's exciting challenge for members of the Coaching Club. It pertains to positive reinforcement. For every 1 instance that you have a negative self talk about the cleanse, your health, your body, your self, your condition or your disease, you give yourself 5 verbal positive thoughts, ideas, or statements. Relationship & behavioral psychologist have performed countless studies that verify that this 5 to 1 ratio is what results in successful habit formation and relationship building. 

How to Play:

1) Write down 5 positive statements. They can relate to you, your efforts on the cleanse, your body, your successes so far, and what purpose the cleanse has for you,

2) Carry this list on an index card with you.

3) Everytime you have a negative thought, read the card and give yourself 5 positive reinforcements.

4) Do this for 7 Days.


If you like to share your positive reienforcements with the group, than text them to Isabelle at 561-306-1017. She will display them on this page for those that wish to see what others are using and perhaps inspire them to use them as well. 

Challenge will be from Monday 3/20/2017 until midnight Sunday 3/26/2017.

Positive Reinforcements suggested by our members:

1_ I exercised for 45 minutes today.

2_ I drank my green smoothie.

3_ I am doing something extraordinary for my health and future well being.

4_ I am being strong and taking control of my health.

5_ I was successful yesterday and did the cleanse perfectly.

6_ I won a craving battle and did so with great strength of character and determination.

7_ I woke up today and did not have to take any allergy medicine that ive been taking for over 13 years.

8_The pain in my knee has gone away.

9_ I lost 7 lbs so far and feel Great!

10_ I am a strong person with a strong mindset and SUCCEED EVERYDAY ON THIS CLEANSE.

11_ I have control. I am stronger than my addiction to foods that steal away my well being. I am powerful.

12_ I have a glowing body and my skin looks great.

13_I set a goal and I am achieving it. I have confidence in myself to succeed what I set out to do.

14_I am motivating my children and husband. They are wanting to be healthy too. I am a good role model.

15_I had a health issue and am doing something about it. I am proud to take action and not sit by while I deteriorate. I am feeling healthy.

16_ I am genuine to my word and will do this.

17_I feel peaceful.

18_I am cleaning my body out and giving it a break from all the damaging treatment with poor diet and lifestyle that I have done in the past. I am starting fresh and new for a happy future.